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TrustUnion is looking for specialists who would be willing to, and interested in becoming real advisors on our project and helping us push our vision.

We believe in a world where commerce is simple, secure and seamless, where trust is not a risk anymore, but an opportunity. We believe the community can achieve greater than the sum of its parts, and we challenge everyone to open up, to truly share and collaborate. The way we encourage this is by creating an open and decentralized ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology which enables people gain and retain control of their data, while empowering communities to use transaction data to bring merchants closer to their consumers.

TrustUnion provide a suite of protocols with the trust and traceability of the blockchain technology to enable the expansion of a decentralized market, both globally and locally.

Since 2018, TrustUnion has forged relationships with government, lawyer and blockchain experts to lead with a first legal framework, fully reglemented ICO. To this purpose, we are currently in the process of getting accredited by established market authorities such as the AMF France and FINMA.

Would you be interested to hear more about the project and discuss any involvement you could have?

The TrustUnion CEO Mathias VALON and the CTO Cyril TERNAY would be delighted to talk further with you about the project.