Overview of what, a real advisors list, is

//Overview of what, a real advisors list, is

TrustUnion on the hunt for expert advisors in our mission to change the world

The TrustUnion project is the creation of the decentralized and transparent ecosystem, which will take the use of blockchain technology to a whole new level and change the way people exchange cryptocurrencies for the better on a platform based on the blockchain, safety regulations, and trust. The right list of advisors can help to achieve it.

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What is a ‘real’ advisor?

Right now, we’re on the hunt for the perfect advisors. Here’s a little explanation of what we at TrustUnion see an advisor as; and the difference the right advisor can make in a great project.

What role do advisors play in the TrustUnion project?

At TrustUnion, advisors will not be viewed simply as “advertising objects” that are uninvolved with the team. Instead, they will be seen as experts, and as crucial team members. They will be expected to play a big role in the progression of the project.

Advisors will be given priority as the company is developing, as well as in future recruitment to join the official team. It is not just throughout fundraising that we are committed to having the support of advisors for, but afterward too; throughout the growth of the project.

Only the best advisors required

The TrustUnion team are committed to being a world leader in applying good practice. It is vital for us to work with nothing other than expert cryptocurrency and finance specialists as our advisors, because of this we have our own standard when it comes to what we expect from the advisors we will work with.

We have a duty to comply with TrustUnion’s vision of providing, simple, secure and seamless commerce; a world where trust is no longer a risk, but instead an opportunity.

Here are some of TrustUnions requirements for advisors:

  1. Involved in the project – It is essential that all advisors working with TrustUnion will be involved in and genuinely believe in the project.
  2. TrustUnion evangelists – Advisors should be willing and keen to spread the word about the revolutionary project, to crypto friends across their personal networks and sources.
  3. Dedicated – They will be proactive along with the TrustUnion team in the search for investors with a can-do approach.
  4. Expertise of the project – All advisors will have an obligation to spend time on the expertise of the project, as well as thinking in-depth about specific points of our project.
  5. Top-level analytical skills – In order for the decentralized project to keep improving as it grows advisors must have the ability to remain objective and analyze the project honestly and efficiently using their expertise.
  6. Complete transparency – Due to TrustUnion’s approach to transparency, any remuneration will be classified as public, therefore accessible by our whole community.

The importance of advisors being involved

Where’s the managing board’s expert advice?

Even the most talented and hard-working management boards are unlikely to include an expert in absolutely everything, especially at the start-up stages. It is likely to come to a point when the management board requires advice or even a touch of leadership. If there are advisors that are deeply involved in the project, they will be able to provide much better analysis and advice, than an advisor who has hardly been involved in the project or its progress.

Proactive advisory can provide fresh ideas

Whether an advisor is not involved with the project enough or management board members (such as CEOs or developers), are allocated advisor roles; the company or project will be at high risk of lacking fresh ideas. In such a closed group, ideas will start running thin and there’ll be no fresh intakes. An involved advisor that is up-to-date with the project can kick-start healthy debates and discussions that can result in positive growth of the project.

The perfect preacher

Advisors with an actual belief in the success of the project and sound knowledge of it can be great preachers to spread the word of your project with enthusiasm. It also avoids incorrect information getting spread about the project by ill-informed advisors that have lacked input in the project.

Recipe for a successful ICO

With so many seemingly brilliant ICOs failing, it is important now more than ever to have the right team running it and preferably a strong team of advisors behind them, acting as useful pillars of support for their project; both during and after the ICO.

TrustUnion World in hand

Why should expert advisors join our project?

Join us in our mission to achieve TrustUnion’s vision of the future. The project aims to indicate a new and economic ecosystem, as well as a new way of exchange that will be complete game-changers within the industry; revealing the true potential that blockchain technology has.

Change the world with us

We are looking for advisors who share our vision of a regulated but completely transparent ecosystem. A decentralized system that provides the tools that will allow the unification of services of all types the ability to meet supply and demand in any forms.

The right advisors will have the opportunity to join us on a decentralized journey that will change the world; putting blockchain to use in a way that will move things forward in the revolution of the innovative technology.

Trust the regulated

With TrustUnion signing the European Charter of self-regulation, we are clearly showing our commitment to good practice and trust, as well as ensuring our advisors along with our community, that we are a legitimate project with revolutionary goals. We have displayed our commitment to trust and safety right from the beginning. By Q2 2022 we aim to provide fully decentralized services and governance.  With 2018 being the year of crypto-regulations, we will be ahead already being fully compliant and regulated.

“The blockchain is not the revolution so much announced, it is only the tool of a world that has itself entered into revolution”
Laurent LELOUP

What does the blockchain community think of TrustUnion project?

If you’re still unsure of what you think about TrustUnion project, find out what some experts in the blockchain community think in our blog videos from 2018 events that some of our team members attended, blockchain cruise Asia in Singapore, Blockchain and Bitcoin conference in Bangkok and Blockchain and cryptocurrency con 2018.


We are not looking for advisors to just put their faces on our project. We want a team of real advisors that share our goal of changing the world. We expect the same enthusiasm and commitment from advisors that we expect from our team at TrustUnion. If you’re the perfect advisor to join our project, head over to the advisor registration page.

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