TrustUnion at Cryptocurrency Conference, Dallas, 2018

//TrustUnion at Cryptocurrency Conference, Dallas, 2018

The Addison Convention Center was the site of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018, an international conference on, as the name suggests, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. For the three days that spanned February 22-24, 2018, TrustUnion, blockchain enthusiasts from 15 countries and 29 US states converged in Addison, a northern suburb of Dallas, Texas (USA), for three days of formal classroom training, conference presentations and discussion panels.

Activities at the event were evenly split between classroom training and conference presentations, with the former taking place on Day 1 and half of Day 2, while the later took place during the second half of Day 2 and Day 3.

The combination of classroom training and conference presentations gave attendees the opportunity to not only listen to awesome speakers and panelists from around the world, but also to learn about the basics of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. An interesting statistics that came out of the conference is that almost 70 percent of attendees came from outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Another notable stat is that more than 55 percent of the attendees was made up of crypto-startup founders, managers and C-level executives.
Mathias VALON, CEO of TrustUnion, was one of those CEOs who showed up from outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He, together with a few members of his team, shot the video in this article.

TrustUnion at Cryptocurrency Con 2018 in Dallas, USA

Mathias VALON, front row and third from right, TrustUnion’s CEO, was one of 40 students that took part in the Business of Blockchains class, which was conducted by Blockmatics.

TrustUnion, by the way, is a startup with plans to revolutionize the retail industry and global marketplace with its decentralized, peer-to-peer trust-less platform. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but Mathias seems to have put together a talented team that can make that objective a reality. Featured in the video are a few blockchain enthusiasts who are familiar with the TrustUnion platform.
Mathias VALON, front row and third from right, TrustUnion’s CEO, was one of 40 students that took part in the Business of Blockchains class, which was conducted by Blockmatics.

Here’s what Brian Konradi of, had to say about the TrustUnion platform:

“TrustUnion is an exciting platform and we hope we can provide our decentralized Hashgraph platform to them.”

Since the video was made, is now a partner of TrustUnion.

Sofia Neduzhko, a manager at EXMO, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK and a sponsor of the conference, said:

“We are very happy to see the TrustUnion team at the conference.”

Gule Sheikh, a co-founder of EazyScripts, a healthcare technology company, said:

“We had a pleasure meeting TrustUnion, we have been very impressed by you are doing, how you are disrupting the industry.”

Raj Devasigamani, PhD, Founder of Cilicademy, said

“TrustUnion is going to be a leader, the platform will provide many business opportunities for the community.”

Jayanand Sagar, of NewsBTC, a blockchain and cryptocurrency news platform, said

“It was a pleasure to meet the TrustUnion at the conference in Dallas, after meeting them at similar events in Asia.”

Mathias VALON (CEO) and Cyril TERNAY (CTO) had the pleasure to meet Gerald Reihsen, a business development consultant and a securities attorney in Dallas. He said that:

“TrustUnion is a very exciting project. I am really looking forward to see it explode on the scene, be very successful, using a crypto model that have never been used before. It is gonna be a pioneer in its industry segment.”

From the foregoing comments by attendees at the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 conference, it is obvious that many people are excited about the TrustUnion platform, and are looking forward to when it will be launched. For me personally, the most exciting aspects of the TrustUnion platform are:

  • this idea of integrating a myriad of tools and services on a single platform
  • the pledge that the team will deliver the project as promised and will not be a fly-by-night ICO project
  • that it will be the first 100% legal cryptocurrency, approved and supported by governments
  • that it is a signatory to the ICO Charter
  • that the platform will feature an anti-fraud system, ensure privacy and protect personal data through GDPR compliance.

With so many features, you can understand why we can’t wait to see the release of the TrustUnion whitepaper and the beginning of the ICO presale, which the roadmap shows will happen in Q4 2018.

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